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RIIFO Underfloor Heating System: Built to Last, Good to Great

Winter is coming. Looking for an energy-efficient, but cost-effective heating system must be what you do recently. Well, RIIFO Underfloor Heating System will be a smart choice for you. Here are three outstanding advantages telling you why it deserves your trust!

Heat up, stand out

With PEX pipes or multilayer pipes as its pipe circuits, RIIFO Underfloor heating system offers the best solution to heat your room up. The intelligent underfloor heating control pack with several manifolds can help you control the temperature precisely for each individual zone. In other words, if one of the manifolds doesn’t work, you can only fix that manifold independently, saving fixing time and expense as much as possible.

Energy efficient, cost-effective

Compared with traditional radiators, RIIFO Underfloor Heating System not only keeps you warm, but more importantly, keeps your pocket warm! For a traditional radiator, only is it heated to a high temperature (65-75 degrees Celsius) can heat the room up effectively. Much better than radiators, RIIFO Underfloor Heating System can heat up the entire floor with far lower water temperature as its energy source. Therefore, the energy efficiency is approximately 30% more than that of radiators. The greater energy efficiency means the higher cost-effectiveness!                        

Installation done faster & better

Install faster, enjoy warmer. Applying fewer joints and smaller size of flexible pipes, RIIFO Underfloor Heating System can greatly save installation time. In addition, installation without joints under the floor can decrease the possibilities of leakage or water flow loss significantly. Also, such an invisible underfloor heating system frees up the space greatly, allowing the indoor designer develop their creativity to decorate your house more cozy. 

Built to last, good to great

With strict raw material selection and exacting production management, RIIFO Underfloor Heating System has outstanding performance on high working pressure and temperature. Specifically, it can withstand a high temperature of up to 95℃ when meeting accidental moments. Besides, preventing fire is also highly valued, thereby the fire prevention level of plastic part in its manifold meeting the requirements of UL94V-0. What’s more, how to resist acid and alkali well is also technically thought-through in this system. 

Hope transfer heating energy by heart, and give you a winter with warmth! RIIFO will provide you with professional heating solutions, satisfying all you want as usual! We are always near you whenever in winter!