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RIIFO F18 Multi-Jaw Press Fittings are Certified by QB

Recently, the large-size F18 Multi-jaw Press Fittings achieved the QB Certificate issued by the CSTB. It is a certification to maximize the legibility of benchmarks for the quality, performance, and reliability of products, services, and stakeholders in the construction sector.

Larger design to satisfy demanding market

In 2012, RIIFO, a global piping system leader, launched its first series of F18 Multi-jaw Press Fittings, i.e., a small size of 16 /20/25/26/32 mm. The F18 fittings perfectly match for RIIFO Multilayer Plumbing System. 

Since its debut, the F18 fitting has gained in popularity, meanwhile customers’ demand for fittings is also ever-growing. Against such a backdrop, RIIFO launched the second series F18 Multi-jaw Press Fittings, featuring a larger dimension of 40/50/63/75 mm.

Easy to install & leak before press

With 3 unique O-rings on the large-size Multi-jaw Press Fittings, it is certain to offer much better sealing performance. Suitable for U/TH profiles, it is perfectly easy to install. Most importantly, characterized by leakage indicator, i.e., leak before press, it guarantees zero leakage, unbeatable quality with no doubt.