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Get to know PEX A Piping System

PE-X tubing is a flexible plastic tube that is rapidly becoming a popular choice for both residential and commercial water systems. PE-X piping is the most sought-after tubing for domestic plumbing applications. The stretchability and flexibility of PE-X pipes make installation easy in any space, unlike regular PVC and other lead-based plastics used in the water supply. You should also consider using PE-X pipe to install PEX fittings, especially in situations that do not have curves or sharp corners.


PEX pipe is made of polyethylene material by extrusion. The linear molecular structure of PE is changed into a three-dimensional network structure by physical and chemical methods so that the properties of PE are improved. The crosslinking type of PEX A pipes is peroxide crosslinking.


PEX A is the most flexible plastic pipe, suitable for most water service pipe needs of homes. It can be widely used in residential plumbing (hot and cold water supply), radiant heating, underfloor heating, etc.


To guarantee the quality of PEX A pipes, RIIFO develops its PEX A Piping System with full effort. Compared to copper pipes, RIIFO PEX A Pipe, which is certified by NSF, has better elastic memory and flexibility. Its chlorine resistance can achieve the highest rating: Class 5 listed in the NSF standard. Moreover, it is 100% chlorine-resistant at 140°F. Therefore, RIIFO PEX A Pipe has excellent sanitary performance to ensure the safe delivery of drinking water. In addition, RIIFO PEX A Pipe has low thermal conductivity (0.38 W/mk) for reducing heat losses and condensation. With excellent corrosion resistance, it is durable enough to last over 50 years.0

RIIFO PEX A pipes and fittings

Besides reliable PEX A pipes, RIIFO also offers full lines of fittings like PPSU fitting, expansion rings and crimp fittings, so that you can choose appropriate ones to meet your needs.

RIIFO fittings for PEX A Pipes

In most cases, when you are using PEX for making temporary repairs to a water supply system, something you need to notice. To ensure that your PEX water supply runs smoothly without problems, you can use manufacturer-recommended tools when installing and can use PE-X cutters when cutting your PEX tubing. These practices, along with a number of other benefits of PEX pipes, make PEX plumbing systems outstanding among the most commonly used plumbing systems in the water supply today.