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What is Air Conditioner Trunking?

Air Conditioner Trunking is necessary for air conditioning installation and repair, protecting your piping, wiring and cables. Trunking ensures the air conditioning system doesn't suffer accidental damage.

With an advanced manufacturing process, RIIFO Air Conditioner Trunking’s flame-retardant rating is up to the V0 level. That means it can be self-extinguished after leaving the fire. Also, the RIIFO Air Conditioner Trunking has ultra-high electric resistance which can resist 2000V voltage without breakdown.

The RIIFO Trunking only uses high-quality PVC as raw materials, so it has no peculiar smell and features acid, alkali and UV resistance. Thus, it can effectively protect the air conditioning circuit and prolongs its service life.

RIIFO Air Conditioner Trunking is made through modular seamless splicing, so it is easy to install. As the whole process is sealed and jointed tightly so it can isolate air convection, eliminate noise, and protect the wiring from the damage by pests and rodents. If the Air Conditioner Piping System is protected with the Air Conditioner Trunking, the entire system will look cleaner and more beautiful.


Tips for installing the Air Conditioner Trunking

Tips 1: Pay attention to wire protection

Check whether there are hidden wires in the wall to prevent the wires from being damaged by the drill bit, which may cause security risks.

Tips 2:Determine the trunking spacing

If the length of the trunking is long, the spacing of the fixed holes should not be greater than 50cm to prevent the trunking from warping and deformation.

Tips 3: Avoid Obstacles

If the pipe cannot be properly laid due to obstacles during the installation of the trunking, use the universal straight pipes to connect.

Tips 4: Be careful to bend copper pipes

When installing air conditioners, copper pipes should be bent carefully to prevent pipes from being broken and damage the air conditioner trunking.