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Multilayer Gas Piping System

Integrating the advantages of plastic and metal pipes with a 5-layer design, RIIFO Gas Piping System has the stronger performance to prevent gas leakage and fire. RIIFO offers a high-quality, reliable, and safe piping solution for gas distribution.

Multilayer Gas Piping System

Safe and Sound

  • Multi-layered construction (5 layers) with aluminum inserted in the middle for a leak-proof system
  • High gas and chemical resistance material
  • Can withstand more than 30 hours of operation at very high temperatures and pressure, 80°C and 2MPa respectively

Excellent Temperature & Pressure Resistance

  • Withstand up to 10bar working pressure (butt-welded)
  • Withstand up to 60° C working temperature

Multifunctional Gas Valves

  • Unique design and automatic setting for safe use
  • Durability

Unlimited Connection Options

  • A comprehensive range of fittings from 16mm to 75mm with variable connection options
  • Fast and easy to install
  • High-quality sealing materials

Product Overview