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6 Questions About HDPE Pipe


HDPE Pipe is a type of plastic piping used in plumbing. They are frequently utilized for both their durability and resistance to corrosion and chemicals. In this article, we'll talk about 6 HDPE pipe-related questions that are frequently asked online and may be useful for your project as well.



For a wide range of piping demands in all industries, HDPE Pipe is a very cost-effective and long-lasting solution. It is made of polyethylene and has been examined and found to be efficient for use in subsurface marine applications as well as buried ground, above ground, surface placed, floating, and slip lined applications. The oil and gas, wastewater management, and agricultural sectors among others frequently use HDPE pipe.

 - About RIIFO HDPE water supply systems

RIIFO PE water supply pipe is a new plastic pipe material product made of high quality polyethylene resin as the main raw material, adding necessary antioxidants, ultraviolet absorbers and other additives, squeezed out and processed by extrusion machine.

The product has flexibility, corrosion resistance, light quality,  excellent impact resistance and other characteristics.


What is HDPE Pipe Specifications

RIIFO Physical Performance of HDPE Pipes

RIIFO Physical Performance Of HDPE Fittings


What HDPE Pipe is used for

In general, HDPE pipes are effective for the surface, underground, floating as well as marine applications and carry potable water, hazardous waste, slurries and wastewater in most suitable and free flowing manner. They are strong through high temperatures. HDPE is proven to be more durable than other pipes.


Where is hdpe pipe used

# Underground Water Transportation

Potable water systems

Irrigation systems

Fire water systems


# Distribution of Energy

Cooling water systems

Geothermal pipe systems


# Discharging Waste Water

Deep sea discharge systems

Sewage disposal units


- HDPE Pipe Manufacturer

RIIFO is a leading multinational corporation, providing one-stop piping solutions applied in residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and infrastructural sectors. Relentless reinventing since 1996, with over 8,000 employees, 70 branches & subsidiaries, and 300,000 distributors, we have served customers in more than 100 countries and regions.

With an integrated value chain, from R&D to manufacturing and retail distribution, we strive to fulfill our mission of offering ideal piping products and services to everyone.


How to connect hdpe pipe to hdpe pipe

There are three types for piping connection, They are Socket Welding, Butt-fusion Welding and Electro Fusion Welding.

#Socket Welding


#Butt-fusion Welding

#Electro Fusion Welding


We concentrate on 6 HDPE-related questions in this article, including what HDPE pipe is, what the RIIFO hdpe water supply system is, and what the hdpe pipe specifications are.  In the majority of situations, HDPE pipe can be used widely for subterranean water transportation, energy distribution, and waste water discharge (civil project). As a major supplier of piping, RIIFO not only concentrates on quality issues but also creates more practical pipe tools to fulfill the demands of pipeline solutions.

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