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Air Condition Piping System

RIIFO Air Conditioning Piping System leads the new trend in cooling. It performs well on resisting high pressure and temperature and leaves you cool in summer.

Air Condition Piping System

Fast and Easy to Install

  • No welding or soldering needed
  • Faster and convenient jointing process versus copper pipes
  • No special tools needed. Can be installed with a spanner and a reamer 
  • Can be installed and pulled through walls and ceilings in continuous lengths

Built to Last

  • High resistance to kinks, oxidation, and rust
  • Consistent and economical material versus copper

Safe and Reliable

  • Safe Air Conditioning Trunking
  • High fire retardant material for security and safety
  • Self-extinguishing material
  • Rigid frame that can withstand up to 2000V 
  • Full connection sealing for air and noise elimination and prevent pest infestation