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Better Self, Better RIIFO

The experience of working in one of the biggest piping companies in the world makes Alan, Sales Manager of RIIFO Indonesia, realize that there are so many areas of opportunities.  

As a sales manager, Alan is constantly on the move. Such a work style is not everyone's cup of tea, but for Alan, it's a path to new opportunities and a better self. "I am often on the way to visit our customers and present our products." Alan said.

Alan manages the most competitive market areas such as DKI Jakarta, Banten, and West Java in Indonesia. Alan always keeps a motto in mind: "Win Jakarta. We can win Indonesia." This motto encourages him to keep challenging himself. Last year his team contributed almost 50% of RIIFO Indonesia's annual sales, and he is very confident that sales will grow faster and stronger this year.

For Alan, the two-year experience at RIIFO, so far, is a valuable treasure. "I appreciate the full support of our executive director very much. The last two years’ experience has allowed me to fully develop my skills, such as strategy development, execution, budget control, etc." Moreover, working with talented people and supporting each other is the best atmosphere for him at RIIFO. "We can discuss and share our opinions regardless of age and experience. RIIFO is a perfect place to work," Alan said.