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Create Infinite Possibilities

"RIIFO, a place for excellent. A place for any crazy ideas. A place with resources to go as far as our people want. That’s RIIFO. ”

Staring at the data showing on the screen, Marco Bruno Milan Zubia, General Manager of RIIFO Mexico, nodded with a grin. It is a meeting about reviewing the whole process of Expo Nacional Ferretera 2021, the first fair that RIIFO Mexico Subsidiary participated in. Marco and his team have prepared for several weeks, from planning to executing. “Without the support from our people in RIIFO Mexico and colleagues from headquarters, it would be impossible to gain such a great success.“

“Opening and operating a RIIFO subsidiary in Mexico is a challenging but rewarding task, I have great confidence for the success of RIIFO Mexico“, said Marco. Then, he listed three reasons why he thought so.


“This is an energetic and powerful team, driving the whole company forward step by step. ” For Marco, a team with high efficiency should allow everyone’s voice to be heard, should remove barriers standing between different departments, and should provide timely support to its people when needed. Therefore, Marco’s greatest challenge as a team leader is building a team to meet the rapidly expanding business demands.

“Thanks to the support from the management team and colleagues at headquarter, RIIFO Mexico can go as far as we want.” RIIFO Group always tries to explore each crazy idea, as each idea is usually seen as a possibility for success. Therefore, when the RIIFO Mexico team needs any backup, people at the headquarters offer technology and personnel support immediately. 

“A transition from metal pipes to plastic pipes indicates great potential in the Mexican market.” In addition to such a revolution in the Mexican piping industry, customers are asking for high-quality pipes. Hence, the Mexican market offers infinite opportunities. Opportunities are for those with a prepared mind, and the RIIFO Mexico team are ready to meet the challenge!