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RIIFO Launched RIIFO GUARD Services for Global Plumbing Market

The RIIFO GUARD service is a cloud-based intelligent detection solution. To collect, record, and store data online, it can analyze and report test results accurately under a specific standard. Moreover, the RIIFO GUARD service can provide historical datasets to maximize the value of service information.
As one of the biggest pipeline manufacturers in China, RIIFO has been committed to providing healthy, safe, and reliable pipeline products to customers. At the same time, RIIFO uses its strong after-sales service to provide customers integrated pipeline safety inspection. RIIFO GUARD is a unique value-added service of RIIFO Group. A certified plumber will help the customer to make verification of product authenticity, pressure testing, acceptance of installation and record of the pipeline, etc. RIIFO will provide after-sales warranty to the customer who passed the inspection of RIIFO GUARD.multilayer pipe pex

In China, RIIFO has provided more than one million RIIFO GUARD services. There're more than 1,500 local offices, 150,000 professionally registered plumbers across the country. RIIFO GUARD services grew by 40% in 2019.

RIIFO decided to promote the RIIFO GUARD services to the world, in order to help RIIFO global brand promotion and deployment.

RIIFO GUARD is equipped with a new intelligent pressure instrument for the overseas market. RIIFO intelligent pressure instrument. It can replace the traditional pressure instrument and complete the pipeline pressure testing automatically which is more efficient and accurate. Plumber can connect the pressure instrument through the Bluetooth of the smartphone, and set the pressure parameters by the RIIFO GUARD app. After setting, it will start pressure testing automatically and generating pressure report when the testing is finished. Plumber can upload photos of the pipeline to the system too. The pressure report will send to plumber, plumbing company, and the customer at the same time.

RIIFO GUARD, providing more efficient and accurate pipeline inspection service, is coming.