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“Green” piping for a shared goal: building a greener future

The transition from a resource-consumed development to the more sustainable and greener one has been a prevailing trend in the industrial sector during these years. With a resolute commitment to not only construct today’s buildings but also buildings for the next generation, RIIFO uses sustainable practices in every step of its business, from piping production to marketing. This view on sustainable development coincides exactly with that of Indonesia Weda Bay Industrial Park, laying a foundation for cooperation between the two sides.

Indonesia Weda Bay Industrial Park is the first nickel mining and industrial park complex in Indonesia. With a vision of conducting sustainable development and minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases, Indonesia Weda Bay Industrial Park strives to be a world-class industrial park. To meet the requirements for plumbing and electrical safety while constructing in line with the client’s values for environmental protection, RIIFO, thereby, provides its piping solution with its PPR Piping System, PVC Piping System, and PVC Conduit System.

Indonesia Weda Bay Industrial Park in construction

Best-in-class piping for world-class projects
As a nationally strategic project with a large amount of investment, the construction of the industrial park is expected to meet higher and stricter requirements. “The quality of pipes and the supplier strength are important selection criteria. I am very proud that RIIFO can deliver such confidence to clients with its high-quality products and reliable after-sales services" said Yu Yang, Sales Manager of RIIFO Indonesia.

Plumbing and drainage are important for a large-scale industrial park. A stable water supply means a highly efficient and leakproof plumbing system is required. With various sizes of piping and large-flow fittings, RIIFO PP-R Plumbing System was selected for this project due to its larger flow capacity. Additionally, preventing waterlogging also needs to be approached. RIIFO, thereby, provided its ideal solution—RIIFO Drainage System that allows faster drainage due to its extremely smooth inner wall and features outstanding water tightness.

In addition, as the industrial park will have a huge electricity demand, guaranteeing electrical safety is one of the considerations for this project. RIIFO Conduit System undoubtedly is an ideal solution for this challenge. Featuring high flame retardancy, RIIFO PVC Conduit System can self-extinguish within 30 seconds once leaving the flame. Additionally, with outstanding insulation, the pipes and fittings can resist AC2000 voltage and its insulation resistance can reach more than 1*108 Ω. In other words, RIIFO PVC Conduit System improves electrical safety with its reliable quality.

Indonesia Weda Bay Industrial Park in construction

To build a greener future together
“Green industry to build a greener future.” That’s not only the motto of Indonesia Weda Bay Industrial Park but also a goal for RIIFO. This view on sustainable development is fully presented in product selection and supplier selection for this project. Approved by EPD (Environmental Product Declarations), RIIFO PP-R Plumbing System, PVC Drainage System, and PVC Conduit System are proved to be environmentally friendly systems that are in line with this sustainable and green development concept.

Having over 30 distributors in 21 provinces, RIIFO Indonesia has a powerful warehouse and logistics network locally. Apart from offering the best-quality piping products at good prices, RIIFO always strives to support large-scale projects with sufficient in-stock products and highly efficient logistics.