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PPR Plumbing System

RIIFO PP-R Plumbing System is non-toxic and hygienic. So far, RIIFO has provided various PP-R pipes and fittings certified by organizations like DVGW, NSF globally.  In addition, RIIFO has launched the PP-R Large Flow Series, which provides more hygienic and safer drinking water to customers.

PPR Plumbing System

High Pressure & Temperature Resistance

  • RIIFO PP-R / Glass-Fiber Composite Pipe
  • Low linear expansion coefficient, as low as 0.05mm/( m·℃)
  • Three times more durable than regular PP-R pipes
  • High temperature resistance
  • Deformity resistance

Low-Energy & Eco-Friendly

  • RIIFO PP-R / Basalt-Fiber Composite Pipe
  • High pressure resistance rating
  • Low-energy manufacturing requirement
  • 100% recyclable

Durable and Smooth

  • Smoother surface with at least 50% less resistance versus ordinary PP-R pipes
  • Non-scaling for clean and healthy water supply
  • Low water flow resistance for higher flow capacity

Unique Leak-Proof System

  • Unique Swallow-Tailed Structure for leak-proof systems
  • Thirty-six contact points with anti-sliding gears for better sealing performance

Perfect System Fit

  • A comprehensive range of fittings perfectly matched with pipes are available under one brand, RIIFO
  • Largely increase water flow
  • Unique design for less welded joints and fittings needed
  • Fast and easy to install

Product Overview


Please download RIIFO's product catalog, technical datas and more information from here. 
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