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RIIFO Indonesia Supported Pertamina Jaya Hospital in Jakarta

Being responsible to the community is not an empty promise but a core value backed up by a series of actions for RIIFO. Jakartas healthcare system was pushed to the brink due to the continuous surge in COVID-19 cases. The government announced it would create Pertamina Jaya Hospital as a referral hospital in April, 2020. RIIFO Indonesia actively participated in the construction of the hospital, offering PP-R plumbing systems.

The demand made on piping systems in the hospital was particularly detailed and challenging. However, RIIFO’s reliable piping systems could go far beyond such a strict brief. When learning of this COVID-19 designated hospital project, RIIFO Indonesia immediately offered the PP-R plumbing system to the hospital, where drinking water quality was of the utmost importance. RIIFO PPR plumbing system, with its hygienic and non-toxic properties, could guarantee safer water supply across the entire Hospital complex.

RIIFO’s speed meets the urgent need. The government was racing with the epidemic, so did RIIFO. As the rate of infection increased sharply, it was important to treat and isolate infected patients as soon as possible. Pertamina Jaya Hospital (RSPJ) project had strict requirements on delivery time. With the support of a well-developed logistics system, RIIFO Indonesia delivered products as well as installation tools on the same day of order placement. RIIFO’s reliable and convenient connecting method for pipe and fittings saved the installation significant time, meeting the urgent need to construct the hospital.

Pertamina Jaya Hospital (RSPJ) has been completed and is now in use. More and more COVID-19 designated hospitals projects are planning to be constructed. The more temporary hospitals that become available, the more effectively this outbreak can be controlled.

RIIFO Indonesia has always been deeply trusted and supported by our customers. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have paid close attention to this outbreak, realizing that it’s time to give back to society more than ever before. RIIFO Indonesia will continue collaborating with the government, positively responding to the vigorous spread of COVID-19.

As a multinational leading piping systems supplier, RIIFO Group always sees promoting people’s well-being as our civil duty. Facing the challenge from COVID-19, RIIFO is committed to embracing its social responsibilities, providing support for the construction of anti-epidemic facilities. We truly believe we will overcome the epidemic eventually through cooperating with global partners.
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