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RIIFO: A busy September started with the RIIFO Indonesia Product Launch and Netw

On September 8th, RIIFO Indonesia kicked off its highly anticipated Product Launch and 2022 Networking Event in Jakarta, Indonesia. With the theme of "RIIFO Connects-Next Gen Plumbing Systems", RIIFO Indonesia not only announced its local brand upgrading, but also unveiled the mask of the new-generation PP-RCT pipes, PE-Xb pipes, and the RIIFO PPR Looping System for the Indonesian and whole Asian market. Over 150 distributors, developers and contractors witnessed this exciting and glorious moment.

During the event, RIIFO PP-RCT pipes and fittings undoubtedly became the star products, attracting wide attention. Compared to traditional PP-R products, PP-RCT has better high temperature and pressure resistance, greater toughness, and higher flow capacity. “Thanks to better physical performance, I am sure the PP-RCT will be another good option for piping materials and its products will lead the plumbing system into a new era,” said Austin Zhang, the General Manager of RIIFO Indonesia. In addition to PP-RCT, RIIFO PE-Xb Plumbing System was officially introduced to the Indonesian market during this event. RIIFO has been known to keep expanding its product portfolios for every local market.  

RIIFO Indonesia Product Launch and Networking Event 2022 in Jakarta

During the event, Philip Chen, the Deputy General Manager of the Overseas Department in RIIFO Group said: “During these years, we have faced many difficulties like fiercer competitiveness, the continued bleakness of the global economy, and more, but we are never off course when we go for globalization.” With this strategy, RIIFO EU, RIIFO Vietnam, RIIFO Mexico, and other RIIFO subsidiaries are also highly involved in their local piping markets. This September, RIIFO has already held three EXPOs successively: RIIFO Mexico at Expo Nacional Ferretera 2023, RIIFO EU at Installatie Vakbeurs 2022, and RIIFO Vietnam at VIETBUILD HANOI 2022. Every RIIFO subsidiary brought the most advanced piping systems that are in line with local customs.

Everything we strive to do is only for one goal: providing high-quality piping systems to deliver safe and clean water.


RIIFO Mexico at Expo Nacional Ferretera 2023