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Always be Energetic

How to lead a team well? How to persuade target customers to accept new and innovative materials? How to unearth business potential in a new market? Those are three questions that Nikita Tyumenev, General Manager of RIIFO Russia, asks himself a lot.  

Nikita is a sports enthusiast. His cheerful face on the screen shows his enthusiasm and optimism in life. “I love sports. Sports help me maintain energy in my life and work. Join me and let’s go jogging together. I go jogging every day!” He said in front of the camera and laughed. Undoubtedly, always being energetic is not merely a slogan but a state of mind rooted in hobbies, pushing Nikita forward and trying new things. 

Challenges mean opportunities

RIIFO Russia team is now in the early stage of starting a business in Russia, and a lot of preparatory work is underway. Affected by the epidemic, Nikita has to work with a laptop to communicate with colleagues at the RIIFO headquarter, a leading international piping manufacturer with a history of over 25 years. “Starting a business in a new market is a challenge, but I prefer seeing this challenge as an opportunity to work in a dynamic environment and receive a charge of energy every day. I enjoy it.”, Nikita said when talking about his feelings of working at RIIFO. 

As for the insight into the Russian market, Nikita shows an abundance of knowledge. “The dominant material in the Russian piping industry was iron. Of course, the long-term trend is that new and innovative materials will sooner or later begin to replace obsolete ones.” Given that, Nikita and his team have done sufficient market research and accumulated potential target customers for entering the Russian market. Changing people’s perception of replacing obsolete piping systems with new materials is a challenge for Nikita’s team. However, “If we do well, we will start a revolution in the Russian piping industry. That’s why I see challenges as opportunities to succeed. “

With over 10-years of working experience in the European piping industry, Nikita has a magnificent blueprint for the RIIFO Russia team. “I hope more talents can join our team and achieve success within our organization. I am sure RIIFO Russia will have a bright future as long as everyone in our team works together for the same goal.” Nikita said. 

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