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What are Underfloor Heating Systems?


Underfloor Heating Systems is a kind of heating method that heats evenly the ground through the pipes buried under the floor in a conduction way. It heats the indoor air from the ground to the interior in the way of radiation and convection to transfer the heat.

Why do we need to choose Underfloor Heating?

Radiator: Conventional radiator heating in the room usually generates a great temperature difference, 18 ℃ ~ 65 ℃. This may cause users feel uncomfortable.

Air conditioner heating: Air conditioner heating will also cause a great temperature in a room. The temperature in the room gives people an incongruous feeling of warmth at the head and coldness at the toes. In addition, the lack of fresh air may make people feel dizzy and agitated.

Underfloor heating system: Underfloor Heating System heats the room evenly and heats the place at the highest temperature where the body needs warmth most.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of water Underfloor Heating Systems?

Water floor heating uses low-temperature hot water as the intermedia to transfer heat. In this system, the heat dissipation is stable. Hence, its comfort is more than that of electric floor heating. It is suitable for families with old people and children. In addition, no radiation will be generated in the process of its operation. Therefore, it features superior stability and safety.  The service lifespan of underfloor heating systems is nearly as long as the building. What’s more, the underfloor heating system allows you to take domestic hot water into account together. The larger area of the underfloor heating is used, the more energy saves. Nowadays,  the installation and maintenance technique is sophisticated enough after 20 years of underfloor heating development.

However, as the hot water flow rate is slow and the temperature of return water is low, the heating rate of underfloor heating is also slow. Also, the initial installation cost is relatively high as the cost of the air source heat pump, solar panels, a water storage tank is accounted for the majority. Maintenance should also be taken into consideration. It is relatively more troublesome because you need to clean and maintain the floor heating pipes and the air source heat pump regularly.  

What can RIIFO Underfloor Heating System provide?

In RIIFO Underfloor Heating System, RIIFO Multilayer Pipe like PEX-AL-PEX pipes and PERT-AL-PERT pipes, RIIFO Plastic Pipe like PEX-b pipes and PERT pipes, RIIFO Fittings, RIIFO Manifolds and other accessories are available. You can choose all what you need for underfloor heating in one brand, RIIFO.

Why should you choose RIIFO Underfloor Heating System?

1. Heat up. Stand out.

In RIIFO Underfloor Heating System, RIIFO Oxygen Barrier PEX Pipes and Multilayer Pipes are perfect for radiant under-floor and hydronic heating. The intelligent manifold allows users to control temperature freely and intelligently for different spaces. Meanwhile, independently heating for each room can reduce cost, time, maintenance, and potential leak points.

 2. Energy-efficient. Cost-effective.

Water in the radiant heating system can transport energy 3,500 times greater than air, using less energy than a forced-air system. So, users can enjoy greater comfort at a lower thermostat setting and lower energy bills.

3. Installation done faster & better.

With fewer joints and more compact pipes, installation time can be cut down by about 30% - 40%. And no extra fittings will be needed in the buried part, greatly eliminating leakage and flow loss.

4. Keep warm. Keep safe.

The Multilayer Pipes and PEX Pipes both feature high thermal conductivity to keep users warm quickly, especially the former. Apart from conductivity, RIIFO Underfloor Heating System also safeguards users’ safety, with manifolds that meet the requirement of UL94V-0 (flame retardant rating).

5. Built to last. Good to great.

In the system, the Multilayer Pipes and PEX Pipes both have exceptional chemical stability with good resistance to corrosion, acid, and alkali. And they also have outstanding resistance to pressure and temperature. The pipes withstand the maximum working pressure of 31 bar/20℃ and 16 bar/70℃, and maximum working temperature up to 95℃. And the PPS manifold and the PES scale work well at high temperatures.

Famous underfloor heating system manufacturers you should know

RIIFO as one of the underfloor heating system manufacturers has committed to underfloor heating for over 25 years. All of our underfloor heating products will experience several inspections before leaving the factory. Also, the entire system must withstand 8760 hours of thermal stability test and 5000 circles of hot-and-cold-water test to simulate the real use conditions. This demonstrates that RIIFO Underfloor Heating System is durable enough to last for 50 years.

To date, RIIFO Underfloor Heating System has obtained many famous international certifications including UNE-EN ISO 21003, SANS 21003, ASTM F1281, ASTM F876, AWWA C904, CSA B 137.5, ASTM F877, CSA B125.3, ASTM F1807, and ASTM F1960.

RIIFO strives to provide reliable underfloor heating systems to global customers all the time.