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Everything you need to know about PAP Multilayer Pipe

PAP Multilayer Pipe is a new type of pipe. Its middle layer is a longitudinally welded aluminum layer, and its inner and outer layer is made of polyethylene. Polyethylene is non-toxic, odorless plastic with good impact and corrosion resistance. Hence, PAP Multilayer Pipe is lightweight, durable and easy to install, and the bendability of PAP Multilayer Pipe is more suitable for home


PAP Multilayer Pipe can be divided into different types according to different applications.

PAP Multilayer Plumbing Pipe

PAP Multilayer Plumbing Pipe is smooth, non-corrosive and non-scaling inside. Hence, its flow capacity is 30% higher than metal pipes. Also, it is flexible to be bent. That’s why it is easy to be installed directly over the beams and columns and can be buried in the walls and concrete. Additionally, a simple metal detector can detect where it is installed easily.

PAP Multilayer Gas Pipe

The longitudinally welded aluminum layer is sandwiched between two plastic layers so that the entire pipe can withstand high working pressure and had an outstanding gas-tightness performance. The pipe is usually long enough to reduce joints and avoid leakage. Hence, PAP Multilayer Gas Pipe is usually safe and reliable to deliver compressed air, gas, etc.

PAP Multilayer Underfloor Heating Pipe

PAP Multilayer Underfloor Heating Pipe has outstanding thermal conductivity. Therefore, it can greatly improve the efficiency of energy.


The advantages of PAP Multilayer Pipe

The advantages of PAP Multilayer pipes can be summarized in the following three aspects:

First, it features hygienic performance. The PAP Multilayer Pipe has inner and outer layers, which are special polyethylene material, clean and non-toxic. The most important thing is that the middle layer of the PAP Multilayer Pipe is aluminum, which can not only isolate the light, but also enable the isolation of oxygen. This effectively eliminates the breeding of microorganisms and algae plants.

Second, it has excellent high- and low-temperature resistance performance. Its highest instantaneous working temperature reaches up to 95 degrees, while its thermal coefficient is low. The thermal coefficient of the Pipe is comparable to the coefficient of thermal expansion of aluminum, which is only one-sixth of plastic pipes. That means the deformation of PAP Multilayer Pipe caused by temperature change will not occur easily. Additionally, PAP Multilayer Pipe is flexible. This feature will be against a certain amount of deformation, which will not cause the thermal expansion and deformation of the piping system of the pipeline system.

Third, it has a long service lifespan. The inner and outer layers of the PAP Multilayer Pipe made of PE plastic that is molecular chain structure (-CH2-CH2-) is more stable in plastics. Also, the outer layer of plastic allowed to add enough additives to resist light and oxygen aging stabilizer without affecting the inner layer of contacting drinking water directly, thereby strengthening its anti-aging properties.


RIIFO PAP Multilayer Pipe

To meet various needs in different applications, RIIFO provides different types of PAP Multilayer Pipe.  

RIIFO PAP Multilayer Plumbing Pipe is certified by renowned International Standards Organizations such as NSF and AENOR to guarantee the safety and good hygiene of hot and cold-water supply. The clean and corrosion-proof PAP Multilayer Pipe promises a reliable and healthy water supply in residential, commercial and industrial applications.


Integrating the advantages of plastic and metal pipes with a 5-layer design, RIIFO Gas Piping Pipe features gas-tightness resistance of more than ≥ 20h (80℃, 0.4pD). Thus, it has a strong performance to prevent gas leakage and fire. RIIFO offers a high-quality, reliable and safe piping solution for gas delivery.

RIIFO Underfloor Heating Pipe offers an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution to heat your room up. Also, with strict raw materials selection and exacting production management, RIIFO Underfloor Heating System has outstanding performance on high working pressure and temperatures. Hope transfer heating energy by heart and give you a winter with warmth.

RIIFO Air Condition Pipe leads the new trend in cooling. With outstanding flexibility and durability, it performs well on resisting high pressure and temperature and leaves you feeling cool in summer.

Only the combination of high-quality products and comprehensive products will be the first choice of consumers. RIIFO strives to make consumers spend every penny on its value, not only product quality but also after-sales service.