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Can Multilayer Pipes be used for gas supply?

The application of Multi-layer Pipes is increasing year by year in many fields, not only in residential but also in municipal applications. Compared with traditional pipes, Multilayer Gas Pipes are impermeable to light and oxygen and have a better longer lifespan.

Coupled with high pressure and temperature resistance, RIIFO Multilayer Gas Pipe is a pipe that combines the advantages of plastic and metal, offering a high degree of flexibility and toughness. RIIFO Multilayer Gas Pipe consists of a layer of overlap-welded aluminum between an inner and outer layer. These three layers are bonded with adhesive layers to form a stable structure.

Why RIIFO Multilayer Gas Pipe?

To guarantee the safety of gas supply, RIIFO Multilayer Gas Pipe features multiple advantages.

  • Excellent gas-tightness performance
  • Highly flexible and inherently stable
  • High pressure and temperature resistance
  • Excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance
  • Extraordinary chemical resistance
  • The automatic shut-off valve can close automatically when over-pressure or under-pressure


Butt Welding: Higher standard, better choice

RIIFO Multilayer Gas Pipe has two different structures for the aluminum layer, which are overlap welding and butt welding. Butt welding has a higher requirement on the production process but has more advantages. RIIFO Butting-Welding Multilayer Gas Pipe guarantees that the aluminum layer and plastic layer stay round and uniform in thickness of each layer. Therefore, the pressure load will be evenly distributed in various positions of the pipe. This ensures stronger pressure resistance.

Safe and convenient

RIIFO provides you with a reliable connection with Multilayer Gas Pipe by our F5&F9 system. F5 and F9 are two different pressing profiles but both can achieve perfect sealing. They make a strong connection with pipes, and the NBR O-ring equipped on fittings can prevent the system from gas leakage. Also, it is proved by the test that RIIFO Multilayer Gas Pipe can resist gas constituents for 30 hours at least under the situation of 80°C, 2MPa. Additionally, RIIFO Multilayer Gas Piping System has excellent performance on high temperature and pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and long-term durability. With all these properties, RIIFO Multilayer Gas Pipe and Fitting are certified by authorities like AENOR, SAI GLOBAL, and KIWA.

Selling our Multilayer Gas Pipe and Fitting to over 100 countries and regions around the world, we win good reorganization from customers and will keep developing more innovative products for wider applications.