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RIIFO: The path of global development is unlimited

A great step forward, the South American piping market

Quick response, in-stock guarantee, better face-to-face services, and customer-tailored piping solutions. That's why RIIFO, as a leading multinational piping company, never slows its pace on the way to globalization. We have set up 14 subsidiaries around the world to serve over 100 countries and regions. In early 2022, RIIFO formally entered the South American piping market, providing reliable piping solutions to all local customers.



A solid foundation laid by RIIFO Mexico

As the first RIIFO subsidiary in the South American market, RIIFO Mexico has taken part in 4 leading exhibitions in South America and held over 10 plumbing workshops since they made their debut in late 2021. Professional installation training courses, experience sharing, and RIIFO plumber certifications. The success of the plumbing workshop held by RIIFO Mexico on 18, April through collaborating with the Western Plumber Association (Asociación de Ferreteros de Occidente) allowed us to share our know-how and push forward the development of the piping industry. With high cost-effective performance and differentiation of our Gas, PEX-b, and PPR Piping Systems, RIIFO Mexico has not only obtained international certifications like NYCE, but also formed long-term strategic collaboration with local leading piping distributors, gas companies, and more.



Further expansion in Chile, Uruguay, and Colombia market

In early 2022, RIIFO dispatched its people to Chile, Uruguay, and Colombia, providing a better piping option to local customers. Compared with copper pipes, RIIFO PAP Multilayer Gas System, PPR Plumbing System, PEX Plumbing System, and PVC Rigid Conduit System are more cost-effective and convenient enough for fast and easy installation. As a piping supplier that can handle the entire manufacturing process in-house, RIIFO is confident to deliver high-quality piping products along with its comprehensive and rigorous quality control system. To date, RIIFO has obtained the SEC (Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels) certification for the Gas Piping System which is well recognized in the Chile market.

We don’t stop at quality; we also care deeply about our after-sales service. Limited product liability insurance of up to $10 million from Allianz and a 25-year product warranty are RIIFO’s commitments to customers. We have gone on a long journey for 25 years, but our path of global development is unlimited. We will strive to serve our worldwide customers better with high quality and attentive after-sales service.  

RIIFO, a better option for your reliable piping system.